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Custom Boat Trailer

Custom Boat Trailer

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Custom boat trailers designed and built at our facility...

With a full trailer design and production house, We offer custom boat trailers for those different types  of boats. 

Upon order only ( 15  to 25 days production time) 

Every fiberglass or alloy boat hull design and layout presents its own unique support and towing challenges when creating a trailer for it. 

Our goal with every custom boat trailer project is to have the boat's weight carried evenly and as low as possible for island conditions of tides and weather.

Supporting the boat's hull correctly is vital, and a full range of spec roller and skid systems to choose from to configure a custom trailer's hull support system, we can also fabricate completely one-off brackets and components if required, meaning your boat's hull is correctly supported, guaranteed. 

Distributing the hull's weight evenly over the roller and/or skid contact areas makes sure there is no undue stress being placed on one area of the hull, and it is being supported on its strongest points.

All trailers are hot dipped galvanized with Australian marine grade suspensions and axles. 

Please reach out for your quote and other information required. Tow bar sales and installation are also available for your needs.

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