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Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering

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These builds are the only thing which makes us different from any other manufacturer. We have inhouse engineers and are supported also by our Australian partners. We can design and build any project which you want to put on wheels.

Upon order only ( production time case by case) 

Hydraulics, TV stations , Unique Carriers ( TV production, Casting sets, News productions, Sporting event productions), Weather stations, Event Stage or something out of the ordinary we can listen to your ideas and build and propose your vision on wheels. All design and planning plus 3D drawing are designed by our team and proposed to you.

Our team can assist you in the layout and design of special items, Nothing beats a custom option. When you want your trailer to look and operate a certain way, you hold all the power when you choose custom trailers.

It’s important to first consider what you want customized that you can’t find in the traditional market. For example, you may be hauling something unique that calls for specific features or security provisions. The customization process is perfect for that.

The real benefit of customizing a trailer is that you get to have exactly what you want. When you shop at the traditional trailer market, you’re locked into what’s standard and what’s available — but standard and available may not meet your needs. During the customization process, you’re able to outfit a trailer just as you want that functions just as you need. 

There are a range of options available to you such as single axle, tandem axle, slipper, shackle and rocker suspension, mechanical brakes and electric brakes.  Petrol pumps or diesel pumps are available along with a range of hose reels so you can have your trailer custom made to suit your exact needs.

Standard accessories on all trailers are, LED lights ( brake, turn and marker)  with 7 pin , 50mm ball coupler , safety chain , your choice of leaf suspension or torsion axle suspensions and available with brake or non brake options.  Trailer Vin numbers and Engineering certificates are available on request.

Your required registration plate will be provided and fitted to your  trailer . Tie down shackles are available to your requests.

Please reach out for your quote and other information required. Tow bar sales and installation are also available for your needs.

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