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Kapsi Marine

Foldable Trailer

Foldable Trailer

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We have happy to announced the development of Kapsi Marine Eco Trailer, foldable stack away and convertible trailer to Motorbike, Box , Kayak, Flat top and many more. We adopted a Chinese designed and build it for Mauritian specs, with stronger metal and still having a decent weight.

Weight loading max will be 700kg. Limited to 80 km/h. Trailer is painted red so that it’s visible to other drivers Reflectors will be at the back and with this option you build what you want with it. See all pictures of ideas build on this chassis and feel free to get in touch.

Trailer Chassis — 2450mm x 1220mm 

Capacity 700kg ATM, 500+kg Payload (2000 lbs Frame Rating)
Bed Size 2450mm x 1220mm

Overall Size 3525mm x 1600mm

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