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Ironman Small Recovery Kit (iReckiT004)

Ironman Small Recovery Kit (iReckiT004)

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The Ironman Small Recovery Kit (iReckiT004) is an essential addition to any off-road enthusiast’s gear. Designed for quick and efficient vehicle recovery in challenging terrains, this compact yet comprehensive kit ensures you're always prepared for the unexpected. Perfect for 4x4 adventures, this kit provides the necessary tools to help you get out of tough spots safely and swiftly.

Kit Includes:

  • 8,000kg Snatch Strap: Heavy-duty, high-strength strap designed to handle tough recovery situations.
  • Bow Shackles (4.75T): Two durable bow shackles for secure towing and recovery operations.
  • Leather Gloves: High-quality, protective gloves to keep your hands safe during recovery.
  • Recovery Bag: Sturdy, easy-to-carry bag to keep all your recovery gear organized and accessible.

Key Features:

  • Compact Design: Easily store in your vehicle without taking up much space.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand harsh conditions and repeated use.
  • Safety First: Includes essential safety gear to protect you during recovery operations.
  • Trusted Brand: From Ironman 4x4, a leader in off-road and recovery equipment.


  • Snatch Strap Length: 9 meters (approx. 30 feet)
  • Shackle Load Rating: 4.75 tons
  • Total Kit Weight: 4.5 kg (approx. 10 lbs)

Why Choose the Ironman Small Recovery Kit?

When venturing off the beaten path, the Ironman Small Recovery Kit (iReckiT004) provides peace of mind. Engineered with quality and durability in mind, this kit is a reliable companion for any off-road journey. Whether you're tackling rugged trails or muddy paths, having this recovery kit ensures you're prepared to handle any obstacles you encounter.


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