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Kapsi Marine

Kayak Trailers

Kayak Trailers

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Kayak Trailers are designed based on an American and Australian version specs , Kapsi Marine then factory modified to accommodate various models of Kayaks to suit local Mauritian Weather,roads and conditions. 

We may have in stock or we make upon order ( 5 to 7 days production time) 

Kayak Trailer is very well built with a metal base then Hot dipped galvanized frame designed to provide the smallest possible footprint whilst having the strength and rigidity for a lifetime of towing. 

Fitted with armaflex linings that support the kayaks nicely and very easy to slide them on and off. The trailer is surprisingly light and easy to man-handle, making it perfect for kayaks. Manufactured using full size 14” steel wheels, light truck tyres and full size hubs and bearings.

This base model can be converted to any sort of lifestyle, supporting 1 to 4 kayaks , with other storage options built with Aluminium.

Standard accessories on all trailers are, LED lights ( brake, turn and marker)  with 7 pin , 50mm ball coupler , safety chain , your choice of leaf suspension or torsion axle suspensions and available with brake or non brake options.  Trailer Vin numbers and Engineering certificates are available on request.

Your required registration plate will be provided and fitted to your  trailer . Tie down shackles are available to your requests.

Please reach out for your quote and other information required. Tow bar sales and installation are also available for your needs.


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